A life lost..!

Sitting on a Bench in Bigha lake Rigved Singh was left to contemplate what to do next, Isn’t this precisely what he needed 3 years back, Isn’t this something he thought would never influence him. He was over her, Right!? At least this is what he thought yet there is something about love regardless of how you conceal it hide it, it will surface once every one of your dams demonstrate fragility.


He felt like somebody was squashing his heart somebody simply was pushing him from above. He attempted to oppose and disregard this he attempted to punch the fellow above him constantly yet regardless of how hard he attempted the guy continued evade him and pushed him once more. He was sinking as though he was in a sink hole with the bench placed underneath him, He took a stab at getting up however couldn’t the fellow who was pushing him ensured that he doesn’t get up.


Everything returned to him how he overlooked her when she cherished him. How he offended her when she committed errors. He didn’t even care what his words implied he simply continued reviling her telling her precisely what came up at that god forsaken minute without giving it a second thought. She used to cry all the time he disregarded that and called them fake, now he knew precisely how crying feels, now he knows if she said the exact words that he said to her how might he feel.


All of a sudden Rigved stood up like he was possessed and strolled towards the Lake barrier. The lake was well fenced with wooden planks in zig zag alignment though it was not strong but it was strong enough to stop a grown man even the lake’s circumference was well lit but the only thing Rigved could see was a dark oblivion with her face exactly in the centre of the lake nothing mattered to him he just needed to get to her he just needed to talk to her and tell her his feelings was he possessed by the same man that was trying to push him an hour ago? Maybe he was there he was the one who has made all this happen maybe he’s the one responsible for all that has been happening today.


With all the icy cold water oozing into his nose and ears his fingers and the majority of his body began to go thoroughly numb he didn’t even attempt to buoy he just stayed still like he needed to get suffocated into the lake and he didn’t simply tumble off, with death confronting him he was simply immersed in his thoughts of how this lake had been there and seen all the high points of his life and now how it is likewise seeing some portion of the greatest disaster of his life. He spent thousands of memories with his friends here this was his peace point where he used to come and chill, away from all the stress he just sat here watching birds of fishing for fun etc. in short this was where he felt tension free and now this will be the place where he’ll get rid of every problem in his life forever. And now this is what exactly he was getting on the day he suffered the greatest of loss in his life he was getting his eternal peace. He won’t need to tell her how much he loved her, he realized she already knew. All the abuses he hurled at her she could see the love in his eyes even though she couldn’t take it. They couldn’t make it work in this life but maybe in next life Rigved thought he won’t let her go he would give her all the space and freedom he gave Diya  he would never say a single word which she might consider even slightly abusive, he will love her for his entire life.



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