Dangal – Aamir Does it again.. 4.5/5


I guess this has been a pattern now for Aamir Khan, A controversy tarnishes his reputation and he comes back with a brilliant film that deviates people from that and make them talk about his film instead. It started was back before Lagaan (Reena Dutta Controversy) Followed by Rang de basanti (Feud with his brother) followed by PK (Nude scene) and Now his comment on Intolerance which pushed the release of Dangal ahead by a year, But I must say it was worth the wait. I’ve had a love hate relationship with Aamir Khan as a Fan, I liked PK and 3 Idiots first time I watched them. but now they are in my stupid movies list. But I still love his movies like sarfarosh, lagaan, rangeela etc etc. Now let’s discuss Dangal.

In Dangal Aamir Portrays Mahavir Singh Phogat, a wrestler from Haryana, after he loses all the hopes for having a son, he prepares his little girls Geeta played by Fatima Shaikh and Babita by Sanya Malhotra to wrestle into history. The fact that everyone who’s going to watch Dangal would research about the Phogat sisters makes its Climax predictable. This might’ve been a weak point for Dangal but the story of them reaching towards Commonwealth Gold is packed with amazements.

The Screenplay of the movie serves as a recap of their challenging voyage and it vivaciously recaptures their adamant father’s plans to make them proficient wrestlers against the chances. Since it typifies the noteworthy wins of the Phogats, who brought India glory, the film will undoubtedly motivate more ladies to genuinely consider Wrestling as a game. I definitely think there might have been some creative liberty while writing the script but whatever might have been added does not demean the story but adds spice to it which does entertain a lot. The Director Nitesh Tiwari, alongside Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Mehrotra ought to be complimented for their facetious quality, peppered with funniness and a few piercing father-little girl feelings all through. Obviously, a tad bit is lost in interpretation as a result of the Haryanvi twang. But still In Dangal’s story, you can notice the earth, the rotten possess an aroma similar to that of defeat and the strong, exciting fragrance of triumph.

It is to the film’s credit that however Geeta and Babita’s wins are reported, regardless it figures out how to draw in the viewer with the wrestling competitions and convey devoted feelings to the fore. Above all, Dangal scores with its top notch exhibitions. An ungraceful Aamir (22 kilos heavier) with silver hair is pitch-impeccable as the ziddi yet touchy parent. Also Aamir’s body change is evident in initial 20 minutes. As he goes from fit to fat, it serves a vital part in the story. The 51-year-old on-screen character ought to be complimented for exploring different avenues regarding his parts, dissimilar to his peers who want to play safe. Sakshi as his significant other, is limited, yet viable. What’s more, the debutants have clearly created a path into the industry with a bang.

Music by Pritam and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya deal with a gritty soundtrack with Daler Mehndi’s title track pumping up the adrenaline. Additionally, the delicate track Gilheriyaan, the Haryanvi rap and hip-jump Haanikarak Bapu and the Dhakaad number, are in impeccable pair with the account.

This film definitely has a reasonable edge over Salman Khan’s Sultan.

I would give it a 4.5/5.


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