Are we making lives or ruining them..!


The race to succeed begins from the day a kid is conceived, parents want their kid to become the best amongst his peers. These days kids are pushed into tuition classes from kindergarten what I fail to comprehend is what is so convoluted in kindergarten that parents require an educator other than the school teacher. I asked one such parent and her answer made me chuckle ” He’ll study in the tuition at least as he is only intrigued by playing at home “. Your child should be playing after school this is why schools timings increase gradually according to the grade in which your child studies. This state of mind is seen in 75% of Parents these days all they need is over 90% in boards to begin with and their desire continues expanding exponentially. Amid 90s youngsters were given sufficient time to play and study the pressure was somewhat low and the student suicide rate was as well. This makes me think whether we are in a progressive culture or my folks were the ones who were rationally more develop than the ones offspring of today’s era have.


An individual ought not to be compelled to seek after anything in view of the accomplishment of masses. Because a gathering of individuals prevailing on a specific way doesn’t mean everyone else will do. Everybody should to be permitted to pick their way and cut an excellent street along it which may urge other to take after. On the off chance that Parents of today are searching for a brighter future for their kids should believe in them, manage them and bolster them. Many careers have been spoilt many lives have been lost in the quest for brilliance in a field which was not implied for them but rather for their parent’s aspirations.


There is a world past studies a world where workmanship flourishes a world where innovative personalities meet to make a masterpiece. A large portion of the general population who pick a world past studies are abandoned by their folks and are liable to mass ridiculing. Individuals call them drifters, they attempt to disparage their decision of profession and attempt to change their slant. Individuals who survive this and make progress are valued and the ones who give in are either covered in dirt or must be miserable their whole lives.


The decision ought not to be what it pays but rather how beneficial it makes you. You can gain crores and still suck at your job like Cyrus Mistry or you can carry on with your life in poverty and turn into a legend like Galileo. Despite the fact that there is no comparison between the two however one of them took after his legacy and the other one made his own legacy. Poverty does not tail any individual who tries to seek after his fantasy which is the most widely recognized origination, it will however in the long run on the off chance that you suck at your job. The satisfaction of accomplishing something you cherish is unparalleled, in light of the fact that in such a circumstance work does not feel forced you do what you like and earn as well.

active kids.png

The present education framework which is more centered on procuring cash through students as opposed to conferring information to the younger generation is the genuine offender. Educators are not qualified with the degrees that they have but rather an instructor ought to be the person who viably grants learning upon his students. 1000s of colleges and schools have been opened with faculty lacking in knowledge as well as in numbers. The Education framework is currently only a method of winning cash and not a basilica of information.


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